dipole-dipole system

dipole-dipole system
двухдипольная установка

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  • Dipole moment — can be defined as the product of magnitude of charge distance of separation between the charges. Dipole moment may refer to: Electric dipole moment, the measure of the electrical polarity of a system of charges Transition dipole moment, the… …   Wikipedia

  • dipole — [dī′pōl΄] n. 1. Physics any system having two equal but opposite electric charges or magnetic poles separated by a very small distance 2. Chem. a polar molecule in which the centers of positive and negative charge are separated 3. a radio or… …   English World dictionary

  • Dipole antenna — A schematic of a half wave dipole antenna connected to an unbalanced coaxial cable. Better practice is to connect the balanced dipole to the unbalanced line with a balun. A dipole antenna is a radio antenna that can be made of a simple wire, with …   Wikipedia

  • Dipole trap — A dipole trap is a system in which a laser (or two lasers) are used to polarize an individual atom for study. The set up is similar to a Magneto optical trap except that there is no magnetic field and a reduced number of lasers. References… …   Wikipedia

  • dipole — noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary Date: 1912 1. a. a pair of equal and opposite electric charges or magnetic poles of opposite sign separated especially by a small distance b. a body or system (as a molecule) having such charges …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • dipole — A pair of separated electrical charges, one or more positive and one or more negative; or a pair of separated partial charges. SYN: doublet (2). * * * di·pole dī .pōl n 1) a pair of equal and opposite electric charges or magnetic poles of… …   Medical dictionary

  • dipole — a system or object whose one end has a negative charge and the other a positive charge …   Mechanics glossary

  • dipole antenna — i. An antenna system composed of two, separated, electrically equal elements. ii. Radiators, usually fed in the center, that produce a maximum of radiation in the plane normal to its axis. The length required for efficient radiation is a function …   Aviation dictionary

  • Electric dipole moment — In physics, the electric dipole moment (or electric dipole for short) is a measure of the polarity of a system of electric charges. In the simple case of two point charges, one with charge {+}q and one with charge { }q, the electric dipole moment …   Wikipedia

  • Transition dipole moment — The Transition dipole moment or Transition moment, usually denoted scriptstyle{mathbf{d} {nm for a transition between an initial state, scriptstyle{m}, and a final state, scriptstyle{n}, is the electric dipole moment associated with the… …   Wikipedia

  • Neutron electric dipole moment — NEDM redirects here. For the Sussex experiment, see Sussex/RAL/ILL neutron EDM experiment. The neutron electric dipole moment (nEDM) is a measure for the distribution of positive and negative charge inside the neutron. A finite electric dipole… …   Wikipedia

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